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Are you a beginner bass player?

Are you an intermediate-level bass player?

Are you a bass player at an advanced stage?

Do you play - or want to play - upright bass/double bass?

Are you one of those bass players that want to know about and learn many music genres?

What about styles?

What about bass playing techniques?

Do you want a complete bass lesson resource in one single instantly downloadable package?

Do you want to pay the price of only one regular bass lesson for this huge resource?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above, read on to find out how EnableBassLessons will benefit your bass playing

But first let me tell you a little about myself and my connection to EnableBassLessons.

My name is George Urbaszek. You may already know me from Bass Lessons Online (at creativebasslessons.com ) and my numerous free bass lesson videos on You Tube.

Back in the year 2000, one of my former (and very dedicated) bass Students, Brendan Jacobs, contacted me about a project he had almost completed. The project was the first ever multimedia bass lesson course on CD-ROM. I was thrilled to assist.

This stuff was ground-breaking … and I loved it! So I agreed to develop the sections on double bass (upright bass), fretless bass guitar, walking bass, and some of the music theory segment. Brendan and I worked tirelessly for almost two years - writing, editing, proofreading, and recording audio and video clips - until we were so satisfied with our bass course that we even became (and still are) extremely proud of the result.

There was one problem, however. The internet was still very slow back in those days and the bass lesson course could be made available only on CD-ROM.

Thankfully for all of us, things have changed. The net has sped up and you are now able to download your entire course of bass lessons in (almost) an instant.

From beginner to advanced, Enable Bass gives you all the knowledge and skills to become a great bass player.

It contains explanations and examples of all the music theory you need to know, with question and answer quizzes to ensure you understand the theory.

Learn a wide variety of electric and acoustic bass techniques, and styles from rock to reggae to jazz to country to metal.

With over 350 multimedia clips including demonstration videos, audio examples and backing tracks for you to practice with, Enable Bass has it all.

Its true - for the price of just one regular bass lesson, you get this huge bass playing resource!

Available for Windows and Mac

Buy your copy of Enable Bass right HERE and download your bass lessons within minutes of purchase.

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